If there’s one thing advertisers and politicians know it’s this: “Repetition is one of the easiest and most widespread methods of persuasion.” That’s why politicians repeat REPEAT repeat their premises along with their promises. That’s why advertising with a publication gets your ad in front of your potential client is crucial to your business.

What we can do, and we promise to do well:

MyLocalNews will display your ad, time and time again. We give your ad repeated exposure to the residents of this community. Our expertise is in getting the readership to read the community-relevant articles published on MyLocalNews. We do that, and we do that extraordinary well. Our numbers are always changing, but we track them live for your viewing pleasure (top of the left column when viewed on a PC).

We promise you this: MyLocalNews get your ad in front of our readership, repeatedly and effectively. We will make your business name so familiar to our readership that it will be the first name that comes to mind when they require your product or services.

Singularly, the one thing we can do is get your ad in front of your potential clients. The rest is up to you.


Our rates vary on a daily basis, our London Community Manager will be able to offer your business the best exposure at the best rate. Please feel free to email them at